Shriners International is a fraternal organization that began in 1870. We are best known for our work with the twenty-two Shriners Hospitals where all care to children is provided without charge to the patients or families.

The Syria Shrine was established in 1887 in Pittsburgh, PA. Our shrine hosts a number of events at our facility and our biggest event is the Shriner Circus.  The Syria Shrine has a number of parade units such as Highlanders, Band, Motor Corp, and of course the Chanters.

Our Unit is composed of around 25 men who not only enjoy singing but believe in giving back to our community. We hope to see you at our next event or parade.



Chanters Officers

Lee Pfeifer, Director

Matt Boice, Assistant Director

Bill Woods, President

Bob Barkus, Vice President

Rev. David Eichelberger, Secretary

Gary Ridgway, Treasurer